“Proofreader meets…”

What is “Proofreader meets…”?

This is an online business profile. I interview the client to find out who they are and to learn about the essence of their business and what sets them apart. I then write the copy. Once it’s approved by the client and a profile picture and “working” photos are incorporated, I publish through my own blog on a Monday morning at 10 am.

The blog post is subsequently supported by a carefully crafted and relevant social media campaign, using my Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ profiles. I also encourage my clients to help support their blog post profile through their own social media network.

Alison Pressley, AP Architects, was one of the first businesses to take the plunge…

“Lindsay was able to get to the very heart of the business, understood what was involved in the creative process and identified from the outset what made me and the company tick. She created a very accessible business “Proofreader meets…” profile and a blog about me which was very wide reaching and very well received. I found Lindsay to be extremely professional, wonderful with words and a pleasure to work with.”

Exciting news! Due to the success of this series, “Proofreader meets…” is about to be re-launched as “Writer meets…” in September 2013. Same idea… new, refreshing look!

If you would like to know more about how a “Proofreader meets…” or a “Writer meets…” blog post could raise your online profile, simply email me at lindsay@proofedbylinds.co.uk. I would love to tell you more about it.