My Guest Blogging Appearances

My daughter’s as fit as a fiddle

I will now be a regular guest contributor for The Best of Henley. How lovely to have the opportunity to blog about one of my favourite subjects. Here’s what happened when I used the local healthcare system recently.

Making your newsletters as “right as rain”

I was recently invited to guest post for proofreader, Lisa Steyn, based in Cape Town. We share the same interest in getting things right when it comes to business and marketing materials. Here’s the link to a short post I contributed to Lisa’s blog. Enjoy…

How would you describe your brand’s “tone of voice”?

Dawn Lillington is an experienced graphic designer with a wealth of background in the creative industry. She invited me to guest blog at Brand New Dawn. I wrote about the history of branding and how it is communicated through a unique tone of voice. Might be worth clicking through, if only to see the amusing picture.

I called my daughter an “apple cart”!

I was invited to guest blog for Karen Elliott, aka Word Shark, from North Dakota. The opening story had been up my sleeve for a while; guest blogging for a North American gave me the perfect opportunity to look into the background of one of our everyday expressions. Want to have a look? 

There’s a “Guest Blogger” at Thame – or was it a Ghost?

It was the first networking session of the year today. Time to look ahead and set the goals and objectives. It was also the day I unveiled my plans to guest blog and invite guest blogs here. It was like a pinball wizard game, the number of invitations that flew across the networking table. Happily, I caught a few. Here’s my subsequent guest post on the Athena group’s website.

From Guest Networking to Guest Blogging in 10-12 Days

I recently took my proofreading and copywriting service out “on the road” and visited the 10-12 Business Club at Danesfield House, Marlow. Next thing I knew, I was invited to be their first guest blogger. Naturally, I was delighted. Want to have a little look

It’s Saturday… it’s 8.00am… it’s small business chat time

Liz Broomfield’s series of small business interviews arrive just when you’re sitting up in bed with a welcome cup of tea; these charming freelancer reviews make the perfect toast and marmalade. I wanted to get involved. Here’s what I thought of my business when I looked back

“Kettle’s On!” Down Under…

I had been following Belinda Weaver, Copywrite Matters from Melbourne, on Twitter for some time when she invited me to guest blog. I was delighted to receive such a warm and friendly “international” tweet. The question was: What shall I write about? Belinda tweeted that it could be anything at all; just send it over when it’s ready. “The kettle’s always on!” Here’s my blog entitled What Creates “Noise” but is Quiet at the Same Time?You guessed it; it’s about Twitter. Seems only right… It’s thanks to Twitter that I received the invitation in the first place.