What I can do for you

Lindsay McLoughlin

Lindsay McLoughlin


Do you know what you want to say but you’re not sure how to write it?

I can take your target messages, inject some personality and talk from the root of your brand through words, phraseology and written content in a way that positively engages with your target market. My writing style can vary according to your brand’s tone of voice.

It is my belief that words should do what they say. They should “speak” to people.

I work with business owners to produce copy for websites, newsletters, e-shots, client testimonials, customer mailshots, management case studies for training purposes.

Want to know more about my writing style? Have a look at my blog. I take genuine pride in everything I write. I could do the same for you.


Want some online content but not sure what to write?

I write engaging, entertaining and educational content. I can help you in three distinct ways:

  1. Writing blog posts for your market in your brand’s tone of voice (or my own) for your target market
  2. Raising your online profile through my “Proofreader meets…” series which is supported by a carefully crafted two-day social media campaign. If you would like to see professions already featured please follow whichever link catches your eye… architectgraphic designercleaning companypersonal stylistgarden designerMary Kay directorSMART home technology specialisttraining consultantnutritional therapistrecruitment consultant
  3. Writing a sponsored post about a business event/product, supported by a social media campaign

I wrote a blog about using social media to support blogging. It’s called “Would you leave your child at the school gates on their first day?”

Editing & proofreading

Are your business’s web, print & publicity materials proofread internally?

Most of us are unable to proofread our own words. By the time we have worked and reworked them, then checked them, we are so familiar with them, we see what we expect and want to see – not what we actually see. Mistakes signal a lack of attention to detail, leaving your clients less confident in your business.

I can be your “fresh pair of eyes”. I will proofread what I actually see on your business materials.

I wrote a blog post about proofreading. It’s called “The devil’s in the detail.”